Sunday, December 31, 2006

I think I am ready

It is time for me to start blogging. I have a week off from work and nothing to do. I must admit that I am a bit nervous about the whole thing. However, I am thinking about how much I love reading my brother's blog and I want to give that pleasure to others. OK, so I guess the next step is gathering ideas for topics... here is a list of ideas that I am tossing around. However it is important to note that these early blogs will dictate the tone of all of my future blogging and therefore I must choose my topics carefully...

1. The idea of human perfection and how all parents think they deserve nothing less than a "perfect baby"
2. My father's inabilty to contol the horrible gagging/vomiting noise he makes
3. My cats and how cute they look in clothes
4. veganism and pizza
5. veganism and shoes
6. society's perception of disabilities
7. shopping and my distaste for it
8. my recent puzzle sucess
9. high school friends
10. issues over how hot the house should be kept
11. Christmas

Ok folks cast your votes on what you what to read about. Otherwise I think I will just go down the list.