Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I just watched a horrible and creepy dateline murder mystery. I am not sure what possessed me to do so but there we were. It was about a husband who not only stabbed his wife to death, but cut off her fingers and sawed off her teeth so that no one could identify the body. Pretty gross huh. This brings me the point that I am creeped out by death. The video of Sadaam being hung haunted my dreams for weeks. I can't even walk by a cemetery without feeling sick to my stomach. I remember the day that my psyche changed. As a child we went sledding in the cemetary and climbed on gravestones for fun....and then one day it hit me...there were dead and decomposing bodies underfoot. That was that. I am so scared of deadness. In fact I am kind of mad that dateline thinks that it is ok to talk about sawing teeth off a body. The end. That was a poorly written and non interesting post but I am too put off by dateline to write anything else.

Oh by the way for any burlingtonian reading that is indeed an image of our former playplace.

Supposedly my computer is fixed. I'm not convinced.

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RoxyPop! said...

Hey--that's the cemetery where I first met your brother. Romantic, ain't it? "Hey, baby, meet me by the tombstones."

I think there's a difference between accepting mortality and watching all those obnoxious and overrated dead-body shows on TV. Of course, both are hard to take in different ways. Though it's easier to turn off the TV than it is to ebb the flow of time...