Monday, January 1, 2007


Due to a surprising popular demand by the 2 people who posted I am going to write about the continuous gagging vomiting noise my father makes. The only issue with blogging about this topic is that there is not very much to say except that I hate this noise that my father makes. I think the moral of the story is that when we get old we certainly lose our dignity. This could be a societal issue I mean we put our elderly relatives in homes to allow strangers to give them baths rather than to do it ourselves. Well I just wrote another 2 paragraphs on this topic but erased it because it was too depressing and rather unenlightening.

The topic I really wanted to write about was vegan pizza, and although this topic may come up a lot and there may seemingly be no revalations that could be made about dairy free pizza--there are! First of all I wanted to let the world know that I am somewhat of a celebrity in the small world of vegan pizza. When in Boston recently I happened into TJ Scallywags (an all vegan pizza joint). The man behind the counter was very eager and we chatted. Turn out there are only 2 completely vegan pizza stores in the entire USA (perhaps the world) and it is very possible that I am the only human who has eaten at both. The man behind the counter made me write a testamonial to this effect and hung it on the wall. Well tell your friends folks right here in Madison lives Allison Milley who has frequeted both Pizza Pi and TJ Scallywags.

Also on the vegan pizza front the coop now carries Toffuti brand pizza which tastes exactly like elios pizza (which means it is very tasty).

I don't know if I can trust my veiwers' opinions anymore about what to write. It is clear that pizza was a much better topic that disgusting noises ruminating from my dad.

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RoxyPop! said...

I was interested in your dad's emanations because I see the man quite regularly and am not really familiar with the sound. Perhaps because my head is in a perpetual fog, I've heard it but have tuned it out? More likely, people keep their dignity up when house guests are around--you know, less farting, less swearing, etc. But you're right about dignitiy and the "f^&* it" attitude that we develop as we age... Ideally, I think it's kind of important to be both comfortable AND dignified around your family, though; a hard balance to strike, admittedly (particularly for gaseous people such as myself...). I think it was Maya Angelou who said that we shouldn't save our best selves for strangers--give the people we see every day our good stuff, too. Which means, of course, that your dad has to stop hacking in front of you. Pronto.

I like your blog! I hope my comments don't get longer than your postings, though. I have a hard time not typing...